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Rocky Mountain Mini Trucks
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Q. Can I buy these trucks new?
A. The Canadian gov’t restricts importing of vehicles outside of North America to 15 years old or older. We try to import 15 – 18 year old vehicles.

Q. How many kilometers do they have on them?
A. Most of these trucks have between 40,000KM to 80,000KM on them.

Q. Can these trucks be licensed for the road in BC?
A. Yes these can be registered for the roads in BC with very little modification and a BC inspection.

Q. How fast can these trucks go?
A. They are not built for highway transportation, but they will do 100KM an hour.

Q. What kind of fuel economy do they get?
A. They generally get 45-50MPG, depending on how you drive of course.

Q. Do they come in four wheel drive?
A. We are only importing four wheel drive trucks. They do build two wheel drive ones however.

Q. Who makes these trucks?
A. Mazda, Suzuki, Diahatsu, Subaru, Mitsubishi and Honda.

Q. How much will these trucks haul?
A. They will haul approximately 800lbs.

Q. What different models do they come in?
A. There are two door – standard cab, two door - extended cab, four door, dump models and vans.

Q. What about parts for these trucks?
A. We carry all the filters, bearings and seals, clutchs, and fuel pumps. We will soon be stocking timing belts and water pumps. Any parts we don’t have in stock, we can order from Japan and have them within 2 weeks.

Q. Since these are 15 year old vehicles, what kind of shape are they in?
A. They have low kilometers and the maintenance requirements in Japan are such that these are in very good shape. We see these trucks before we buy them and choose only top quality ones to import.

Q. How heavy are these trucks?
A. Approximately 1,500lbs depending on what options you add.

Q. What size of engine do they have?
A. Either a 550cc or 660cc, 3 cyl engine.

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